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Why You Want To Have Your Own SteamRoller Pipe

Liam on December 14, 2015 0 Comments

Steamroller pipe

Smokers of cannabis are all too familiar with the steamroller pipes. If you are new to smoking or looking for a new smoking device, these little powerhouses do pack a mighty punch.

They get their unique name from the way that the design closely resembles that of a steam locomotive train.

The reason it is becoming the device of choice for many new smokers is because of the close similarity to taking a dry hit from a big bong.

If you are still on the fence as to what all the talk is about these steamroller pipes, this information should help put you on the right path.

The Basic Design of the Steamroller Pipes

These little smoking devices are a great alternative to the big healthy bongs.

Unlike the big bongs like honeycomb bongs that sit on the table and are utilized by you going to the bong, with steamroller pipes, the action comes to you.

The basic design of these amazing little pipes is pretty straight forward. It is a type of pipe, usually glass, consisting of a long hollow tube that has openings on both ends. The bowl will be on one of the openings, and closely resembles a locomotive train.

The cannabis is placed in the bowl, then the user will place their hand over the opening in the pipe closest to the bowl.

The other opening is then placed in the mouth as you inhale a smooth vape of some natural goodness.

Simply light and inhale until that chamber is full of smoke, remove your hand from near the bowl and breathe in. Repeat, repeat and repeat.



















Not Your Daddy’s Smoking Pipe

The steamroller pipes are not recommended for the beginning smoker for good reason.

When you allow the pipe to fill with smoke and take in that drag, you get hit with a huge powerful amount of power.

The amount of smoke you are going to inhale is similar to that of a large water bong. For professionals, the harsh and strong hit is all the appeal to these pipes.

Although the unique shape can be modified to get an even bigger hit, the design is pretty straight forward to say the least.

The original design of the steamroller pipes gets its origin from the smoking pipes Native-Americans used in their ceremonial gatherings.

Today they are available at your smoke shop in a huge variety of colors, material, and shapes.

Although you can find the steamroller pipes in a variety of sizes and shapes, the one feature that they all have in common is the large bowl that sits near the opening in the pipe on one end.

For those who take their smoking serious, high-end steamroller pipes come in a decorative high-grade glass with unique coloring.

Many of the makers of high-quality steamroller pipes are American Glass Works, ROOR, EHLE, and G-Spot.

They offer a powerful hit without that inconvenience of a simple water pipe. If you want the benefit of a mobile smoking device that hits you hard and strong, these steamroller pipes are the smoking device for you.

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