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The Power Of Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil and How To Make It

Liam on October 2, 2016 0 Comments

rick simpsons hemp oil in bottle

For the past decade, Rick Simpson has been at the forefront of the medical marijuana movement in this country.

More than just an activist who is lobbying for Congress to allow more states to openly sell medical marijuana, Rick has taken a completely proactive stance by helping those who need it the most.

Those suffering from life-threatening diseases do not have the luxury to wait around while politicians decide which side of the fence will line their pockets more.

So Rick has gone ahead and harnessed the power of cannabis hemp oil to heal himself and thousands of others.

Who is Rick Simpson?

To answer the question about who is Rick Simpson, he is just an average guy who grew tired of waiting for the pharmaceutical industry to develop a cure for his illness, so he went on to develop Rick Simpsons hemp oil and cured himself.

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He went on to cure himself of metastatic cancer in 2003, a since that day he has been on a quest to bring awareness to his discovery.


Of course, the medical world is not ready for Rick Simpsons hemp oil because it will take money from their pockets if his discovery were to garner global attention, so they try to keep him in the shadows and as quiet as possible.

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Although he meets with opposition from every front, including the pharmaceutical companies, UN offices, government health agencies, and the Canadian authorities, Rick has successfully helped and treated over 5,000 patient at no charge.

Rick Simpson has proven that his cancer and many other diseases can be cured by way of hemp oil.

Taking Control of Matters

Despite all the opposition that Rick Simpson has faced, he is determined to share his healing secrets with the world.

Not only does Rick invest a tremendous amount of his time in developing his product, his ability to help thousands comes out of his own pocket.


He never asks for a penny, and his efforts are beginning to get noticed by a global audience who want to stop the government and pharmaceutical companies from trying to corner the market and block this information from getting into the hands of the people who need it the most.

So how could a marijuana activist who is not asking for money reach an ever greater audience, simple, he promotes the ingredients online to the world so they can also enjoy Rick Simpsons hemp oil.

14 Steps To Make Your Own Healing Hemp Oil

In order to get his message out farther than the boundaries of his country, you now are getting access to the step-by-step instruction to make your own Rick Simpsons hemp oil right at home.

You must be extremely careful when boiling any solvents off as the process is extremely flammable.

Steer clear of sparks, or heat guns. Set your fan up to effectively blow all the heated fumes from the container, then be sure to set up everything in a well-ventilated working area.

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1. Start by collecting an ounce of the dried herb so that you can produce approximately 4 grams of the hemp oil. Place all the dried materials into the clean bucket.

Dampen the herb with water, butane, or ethanol. Two gallons of your solvent will extract THC from a pound of herb.

Crush the herb thoroughly and although it will be moist, it is going to be easy to break apart into the container.

Stir the mixture for three minutes so the THC can dissolve into the solvent.

Pour mixture into a smaller bucket, approximately 80% of the THC has been stripped.

Wash a second time, add solvent to a mixture and again work for approximately three minutes to fully extract all the remaining THC.

Pour the second solvent into a bucket with the first solvent and discard the twice-washed plant material.

Take the solvent mixture and pass it through a clean coffee filter and into a new clean container.

Bring the solvent to a boil. Avoid red-hot elements, stove-tops, sparks, and open flames because the fumes are flammable.

Add solvent to a rice cooker until 3/4 full and then turn on the HIGH heat.

Work in the well-ventilated area and then set up your fan so it carries the fumes away from your workstation.

Add mixture to that cooker as solvent begins to evaporate.

As the solvent level in rice cooker decreases, add a couple drops of water to help to better release solvent residue.

When one inch of the solvent-water is still in your rice cooker remains, put on oven mitts so you can pick up the unit to swirl the contents.[/thrive_icon_box]

rick simpsons hemp oil in a jar

By now you are close to being finished making Rick Simpsons hemp oil. Once the solvent has then completely boiled off, place the cooker on a low setting.

During the cooking process, the heat should never get above 290 degrees.

With oven mitts on, remove the container with from rice cooker and gently pour it into a steel container. Take the container and place in a dehydrator.

After a few hours, the water and terpenes will evaporate from the oil. Once there is no more surface movement, it’s now ready for use.

Make sure that you suck up the oil up with a plastic syringe. The syringe is going to make that oil easier to dispense. Once the oil completely cools, your solvent will then have the thickness of grease.

So there you have it. You can make your very own Rick Simpsons hemp oil right there in the comfort of your own house.

The oil has many healing properties, many of which are outlined at Rick’s website.

Make no bones about it, the world is slowly beginning to see all the benefits to marijuana, despite years of being told it is dangerous and harmful to use.

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As more people are seeing the amazing healing results from this hemp oil, it may come a time where the government and pharmaceutical companies will have to stop putting their own needs in front of the people desperate for help with their medical conditions.

Until then, it is the wishes of Rick Simpson to continue his campaign to get his information to the masses for free.

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