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How to Keep Weed Fresh: Simple But In-Depth Guide

Liam on October 17, 2016 0 Comments

how to keep weed fresh

fresh weed

Smoking dried out weed really is a downer. Once those toasty and dry cannabis bits reach your throat and lungs, it is most certainly going to cause you to have a coughing attack. The secret to eliminating dried out weed?

Utilizing the right storage.  Moisture, air, and the light will all impact the freshness of your weed, and improper storage will turn those moist succulent buds into brown piles of sawdust.

The simple fix: start storing all of your weed in the right containers!

The Importance of Storing Your Buds Correctly

By now you already know that cannabis needs plenty of oxygen during the curing and growing stages.

Most people, however, do not take the time to learn how to properly store their weed, so they open the container and find dried out piles of brown dust when they are ready to get the party started.

Just the right about of air in the storage container will keep your buds fresh and as close to the original moist form as possible. Another way to keep your weed fresh is to place them in smell proof bags.

Check out this video and get a better understanding of how to keep that weed fresh:

According to research studies shown at Leafy, too little air in the container affects the overall relative humidity, especially if all those buds are not dried before placed in the storage container.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, too much air leads to drying out your weed as cannabinoids are exposed to oxygen.

Consider one of the following storage devices to protect your stash and keep things rolling along at your next party.

Keeping Weed Fresh With These Storage Solutions

Weed Storage Device 1: Titanium Containers

The best type of storage devices to use if you want to learn how to keep weed fresh are dark containers.

While tin containers will suffice, the titanium metal helps to lock out the oxygen so the weed gets just the right amount of air and is protected from outside elements.


Titanium is the best as far as metals because it will not allow any flavor to escape over time. Plastic should be avoided at all costs because they will have a negative effect on the taste of the weed in time.

Small Titanium Container

Small Titanium Keychain Container

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Gasses can enter and escape the plastic tubs and are very sensitive to even the slightest changes in room temperature.

When plastic gets heated, it leaches harmful and odorous compounds into the buds.

Weed Storage Device 2: Glass Containers

The glass is one of the most effective containers to store your weed because you can control the temperature and amount of air inside.

Once your buds are placed in a glass container, you can leave it in a dark closet and basically let Mother Nature do the rest.

If the cover is tight in the glass container and the piece is kept out of the light, you should have some moist buds the next time you are ready to smoke.

keep weed fresh in a jars

The reason you have to work so hard to control the air surrounding your buds is that the more air is exposed to the weed, the faster the moisture in the leaves dries out.

Those dried out crumbs are difficult to smoke and will burn your throat each time you take a hit off your pipe, bong, or joint.

When you can keep the air flow out, you can control the quality of your stash. Glass is impermeable, inert, and natural.

Vacuum Clear Jar

Clear Jar Container

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Glass storage containers do not allow anything in or out. Basically, when you put your weed inside a glass container, it will be as fresh the day you open the jar as the day you put it in.

Weed Storage Device 3: Weed Humidors

If you are going to be smoking weed for the long haul, then it only makes sense to invest in your future and guarantee that your weed is moist each time you want to smoke.

A true weed enthusiast will invest the money in a weed humidor because they know that even losing one batch of marijuana could cost a pretty penny.

Placing the weed inside the humidor set to a 50-65% humidity level will ensure perfect herbs every time.

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Experiment with that number but try to stay within the range or you run into some troubles. if you go for a higher than 75% humidity level, you risk your stash beginning to mold.

If you go too low, the weed will dry out.

The humidors are great for keeping out the harmful light too, so you are building a fortress that will keep the weed in the perfect state while in storage.

Do not use a cigar humidor that has no adjusting feature because they are typically set around 70% or more and will destroy your weed.

How to Keep Weed Fresh Do’s & Don’ts

If you want to learn all about the do’s and don’ts of weed storage, you have to go with the experts.

According to a study conducted by 420 magazine, here are the top do’s and don’ts for storing your cannabis.

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  • Store cannabis in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.
  • Use hygrometers to control and monitor RH levels.
  • Make use of vacuum seal containers to minimize oxygen exposure.
  • Separate strains to maintain unique flavor profiles


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  • Store weed in the refrigerator. The fluctuations in temperature increase the chance of mold growth.
  • Keep weed in the freezer. Freezing temperatures cause trichomes to become brittle when handled.
  • Store in plastic bags. Plastic has a static charge that attacks trichomes.
  • Store above appliances that give off heat. Heat rises and will affect the quality of your stash.
  • Use a cigar humidor. Most have coils that transfer and could influence the flavors of your weed.
  • Store grinders or paraphernalia with the cannabis. Ash and resin lingers and will stink up the storage container.


There you have it, all the information you could ever need from the experts about how to keep weed fresh.

Now you are armed with enough information to keep your weed moist and delicious for the next time you are ready to break out the good stuff and get that party started!

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